0.0.10 - Friendship is magic edition!

It's been a while, no? Turns out a solid two week sprint of development really burns you out, but SH4RK isn't dead yet! 

I've had some time to rethink priorities for the project. Since I'm now at university, and looking to work on lots of smaller projects as opposed to just one monolithic one, updates are now going to be much less regular than they used to be. However, I would like to iterate that SH4RK is open-source, meaning anyone can download the project and contribute!

For this version in particular, I'd like to thank my friend Ervin for doing a massive chunk of UI work and inspiring me to get going again. 

-UI update!
-Main menu background
-Camera shake slider
-Camera shake on explosions, not weapon fire
-Press Enter (or A on controller) to try again; no need to click the button anymore


sh4rk-windows 33 MB
Version 2 Dec 07, 2017


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