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Migrated to https://getg.itch.io/download :) :)

A cubey puzzle game, built with love by Opal Studio Games.
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This game is intended for mobile, so the mouse controls are a little quirky.
Use the left mouse button to touch the screen.

Swipe up, down or across to rotate the puzzle.
Hold a piece to pick it up.
Tap (click) a piece to be able to The box at the bottom can be used to store pieces.

Try to match the solved version in the bottom corner!
(also, you can tap the face at the top to get a hint ;) )

Have fun!

Development log


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Super fun! It's so satisfying to complete a puzzle and I LOVE the aesthetic, but you could be more obvious when it comes to UI, since that's not the puzzle :). But I get that it's an early build so I hope that it all goes well in the future!